Private Jet Charter

OysterJets offers you the safety, comfort and flexibility of a private jet for your leisure or business trip. Customize your experience to the maximum – or just leave all your travel arrangements to us. 

Business & Leisure

Does your business require you to travel frequently? Do you have to be somewhere for a single business meeting? Need to visit a subsidiary or an exhibition? Flying private is a huge timesaver. We set up your trip exactly to your needs.

Rest and recreation is important. No matter whether your holidays are just around the corner or you want to plan months in advance – we are your right partner. In the mood for a city trip? Seeking some vitamin sea? Prefer a luxurious spa retreat? Looking for active holidays? We take you to your dream destination and can refer you to trusted partners for activities and tours on the spot.

Save time & energy

Private aviation is not a luxury asset but a serious corporate tool. There are four key reasons why flying private saves you time and energy:
1) Choice of airport: By approaching smaller airports you can land closer to your final destination and avoid connecting flights.
2) Departure time: Restrictions by airline flight schedules belong to the past, from now on timing is entirely up to you.
3) Preparatory time: Now queues, no waiting times, no crowds. Just arrive at the airport 15 minutes before departure via private terminal.
4) No more connecting flights: Avoid intermediate stops, spend less time on the go but more more time at your destination.

Pick your preferred aircraft

Very light jet, light jet, medium range jet or big business jet? The choice is yours. Enjoy comfortable seats as well as excellent guest services.

Maximum privacy

As the name implies, private jets are just that – private. Begin your journey at a private airport terminal, take your personal driver directly to the runway, feel welcomed by our small dedicated crew and spend your flight onboard your own aircraft with only people you know. Flying private offers the highest possible level of privacy, anywhere, anytime.