A childhood dream come true

Julien successfully performed his first passenger flight

Julien Desclaux is now part of the OysterJets crew. After finishing his pilot license and the type rating for the Cessna Citation Mustang he learned a lot of technical skills at Mermoz Academy, with whom OysterJets has a partnership with. As soon as Julien has met all the requirements he was eager to perform his first commercial flight with OysterJets this week. In the interview below the young pilot gives insight on his personal experience of becoming a private jet pilot:

What an exciting week – first of all: Congratulations, Julien. How did you feel prior to your first ever pilot mission with OysterJets?

Thank you! And to be honest, the night before my first flight was quite short (laughs). A lot of positive feelings came up: happiness, excitement and also realising that my big childhood dream is truly becoming reality!

What was the route of your first flight?

This very special first flight was from Linz to Pisa. After that we had one from Pisa to Bordeaux, then from Bordeaux to Lyon and from there to Barcelona and back. I haven’t been to all of these destinations before which added to my excitement as you can imagine. Seeing the world from above is just something else…

You performed this flight alongside our chief pilot. What was your impression?

It was a very good experience from beginning to end. Briefing, preparing the jet, welcoming the customers and performing the overall mission. During the whole process I was met with a lot of kindness as well as professionalism. The more experienced pilots of OysterJets can for sure teach me a lot about the private jet pilot job which I am very grateful for.

What was the flight experience like?

From my time at Mermoz pilot school I kind of knew what was coming. Nevertheless it was a completely different feeling now that I had passengers in the cabin. It felt like a truly important mission that I wanted to complete in the best possible way.

Are you looking forward to your next flights?

Of course ! I cannot wait to perform many more flights for OysterJets, to fully enjoy everything the pilot job brings and to give the best experience to all the OysterJets customers.

Anything else you would like to share?

Many thanks to OysterJets for their trust as well as to Mermoz Academy for helping me achieve my “wings”.


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