Successful business travel in 10 steps

Travelling for business? We’ve got you covered

No matter if you are a frequent business traveller or want to prepare for your first ever work trip. Our experienced team members have gathered their tried and tested tips for comfort and efficiency during work trips. Choosing a private jet to get to your destination is the first big step you can take to save time and energy. Besides that you can also pay particular attention to the little things that make your travels smoother and more rewarding.

1) Keep your essentials ready

Every traveller carries essential items, such as toiletries and medicines. Keeping them packed and ready to go into your suitcase is a great idea when you travel often and tremendously speeds up the packing process.

2) Prioritise comfort

All OysterJets private jets offer comfortable seats, space to stretch your legs and refreshments to make your journey more enjoyable. We recommend that you also consider travelling light, wearing comfortable clothing and letting us know whenever we can satisfy your wishes, because small details make the difference.

3) Pack a power bank 

In our fast paced world, accessibility is key. Carrying a power bank is always a good idea. You never know when you might need it since finding a plug during travels is sometimes difficult.

4) Choose healthy snacks 

It is common knowledge that nutrition is one major aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Somehow throwing a balanced diet out the window while traveling is easy when you just go with the flow. In order to feel your best consuming nourishing food is essential – especially when travelling is adding to your exhaustion. We can organise for any healthy meals and snacks that you fancy, tailor-made to your specific needs – just contact our sales team. In the end, you get out what you put in.

5) Stay fit

It might sound tempting to pause your fitness routine while travelling. However, research advises against it. Exercise of any form helps you to stay fit, healthy and energised. Be it 10 push-ups before you hop into the shower, moving your arms and legs during your flight or taking a walk to the hotel after your meeting. Movement is a great way to relax after a long day and get better sleep away from home.

6) Get a power adapter

Depending on your destination, chances are the electric plug system is different. Always make sure to pack an international power adapter to connect your devices as well as to prevent them from breaking due to voltage issues.


7) Choose your clothing palette 

Whether we like it or not, people judge us by the way we look and that includes the way we dress – especially in the business world. Research shows that clothes influence the perception of your success, authority, trustworthiness and intelligence. Packing muted colours and neutrals makes mixing and matching easier. We can all agree that it’s helpful to feel your best to perform your best.

8) Take shortcuts 

Choosing a private jet makes your life a lot easier. No more boarding pass, waiting in line and calculating the time it takes to reach the gate. But your trip doesn’t end after your flight with us. And sometimes it can be hard to remember everything after a long day of travels and meetings. On your next trip, try snapping a photo of your hotel room number and parking spot so you know where to go.

9) Go paperless 

Staying organised during a business trip can be tough. There is a lot to deal with, schedules, hotel directions, rental car information. Having everything on your digital device makes it hussle-free and easy to access.

10) Use your time off wisely

No matter if you are someone who flourishes away from home or prefer your typical routines: you can decide to make your business trip a good experience. In the time between meetings you could knock out some messages on the computer, refresh your brain with an audiobook or practice a language. Quiet time can be used to plan for the future – be it rearranging your home office, learning time management techniques or tracking your social media use. Knowledge is always a good idea!

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