Boats & Yachts

Want to continue your journey on water? We can assist you in chartering a sailing boat, catamaran or motor yacht. Whether you are looking for a crewed yacht or have sailing qualifications yourself, we’ll find the right boat for you. 

A unique way to explore

Sailing holidays on a rental luxury yacht are special compared to regular holiday alternatives. Avoid crowds, experience nature at its fullest and choose what to do, eat and how to spend your day. Can’t decide whether you want to go sightseeing, dip in the refreshing water or experience island hopping? Why not do it all? Renting a sailing boat or catamaran allows you to explore a different destination every day, feeling the breeze flowing through your hair and gazing at the comforting sights of the water. What better way to spend your precious time off?

Sailing yachts & catamarans

A sailboat charter yacht is a little floating world of its own. So are catamarans, which are booming among holidaymakers. Both are very stable and available in many designs and sizes. They are a perfect choice for an easy-going and comfortable cruise for families or larger groups of friends. Thanks to its spaciousness you can enjoy maximum comfort and also privacy on board. The shallow drift allows you greatest access to near-shore waters, small coves and many otherwise hidden places.

Motor yachts

Motor boats are powered by engines rather than sails, which makes you more independent of weather conditions. Their outside space is roomy and can include facilities such as bars, jacuzzis and even dance floors. This means there is plenty of space for larger groups and of course parties.

Bareboat, skipper or full crew

You do not need a sailing license or experience to decide for a sailing holiday. All boats can be chartered bareboat (with no crew) or with crew. If a group member holds a valid skipper’s license he/she can become the captain who is steering the boat. When there is no sailing experience or license you can charter a yacht with a full crew or just hire a skipper, depending on your personal preference. Chartering a yacht with a skipper offers great safety, ensures local knowledge and also the opportunity to learn from your experienced captain.


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