Culinary experience on a private jet

Luxurious food in the air

Can you expect food on a private jet? Absolutely. Even better news: The culinary offer aboard a private jet is more or less infinite. Although customizable, the possibilities vary depending on the private jet you choose. Let’s get into some more details…

Included foods and drinks

OysterJets always offers cold snacks and different beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) on all flights. If you want to enjoy other delicious foods and drinks, we can arrange a complementary set menu.

Short flights

On short-haul flights of up to 2.5 hours, salads, charcuterie, sandwiches, antipasti, pastries and fresh fruits are the best option. If you need a more substantial meal on your short trip, we can always arrange it, it just needs to be catered and arranged in advance.

Full course menu

You prefer to have your favourite traditional meal from your home country? Absolutely possible. No time to decide in advance which food you want to eat during your private jet flight? Then let yourself get surprised with a regional dish of local and seasonal products. Either way, we want you to feel at home during your flight and will meet even the most extravagant requests.

Dietary restrictions

Dietary requirements can also be catered for when chartering a private jet. Vegetarian and vegan options are as important to us as gluten-free or lactose-free meals. Basically all sweet, spicy and savoury foods are available on request – whatever you fancy. 

Drinks on board

As for drinks, the possibilities are unlimited: champagne, wine, beer, soda or fruit juice. You don’t want to miss a specific drink during your flight? Your favourite bottle of Whisky, a beloved brand of wine? Maybe a smoothie to kickstart your day? Just let us know and we take care of everything.

Contact our sales team for detailed information on in-flight meals, we are more than happy to find a tailor-made solution for your specific requests.