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You want to discover Europe with your kids but are not quite sure which regions are best suitable? One thing is for sure: Taking a private jet is the first right step and offers so many benefits. From making the most out of your valuable vacation days to travelling on your own terms and enjoying privacy and maximum safety. When travelling with little ones, careful planning is crucial for success. Don’t overload your days as your offspring will get tired and grumpy. Picking the right destinations is key. That’s why in this article, OysterJets’ travel experts reveal their favourite European vacation spots for families.


The good news: Despite being a city, Barcelona is definitely child-friendly! This is partly because the locals are very welcoming to children, but also because there are so many kid-friendly attractions. On a city visit, you should always try to balance culture and sightseeing with a good amount of fun for the little ones. Catalonia’s capital has plenty to offer, here are a few ideas:


London, UK

For families who want to escape the extreme summer heat, Great Britain’s capital might be the right choice. London offers plenty family-oriented activities, many of them for free. Besides that, the city has many parks and playgrounds that offer perfect opportunities to just wind down and relax – the wild squirrel population is usually a big hit with kids.



Malta is a family-friendly republic with lots of sunshine throughout the year. Due to its a mix of beach life with an abundance of history and culture the island pleases any family member. Fascinating history, picturesque cities and gorgeous fishing villages give you plenty of options. Just want to enjoy beach days and swim, snorkel in crystal clear waters? Malta is your place. Your kids are interested in movies? The island has its own mini film industry worth checking out. The city of Valletta offers many possibilities and a day trip to the wild nature of the island of Gozo is always a good idea.


Dalmatian Coast

One of the best places to visit in Europe in summer is Croatia with its stunning Dalmatian Coast. Delve into Dubrovnik’s bustling city life, admire the palace in Split or enjoy the magnificent island of Hvar. If you’re into sailing, Croatia’s 79 islands are best explored by boat. Get your crew ready and take off. Throughout the whole coast families can enjoy dreamy beaches, great hiking trails nearby and a hospitality at an all-time high.


Amalfi Coast

Are you up for a splendid natural setting adorned with a breathtaking sea view and a series of tiny but charming villages? Italy’s Amalfi Coast is the perfect location for an unforgettable family vacation.

  • Duomo di Amalfi
  • Villa Cimbrone in Ravello
  • Day trip to Capri
  • Positano Beach


Wherever you decide to got, make sure to enjoy your valuable family time! If your time schedule changes or you need assistance of any other kind, don’t hesitate to contact our team of travel experts.