Helicopter Service

Taking a private jet already brings you as close as possible to your destination and makes your trip as convenient as can be. But what if you want to land in a place with no runway or on a private property? Our helicopter services offer a solution. After your flight with us, helicopters can address a range of individual requirements. They are able to land at helipads, hotels, hidden islands and even private properties. We can make all necessary arrangements for your needs.

Continue your journey by helicopter

Prior and after your on-demand private jet flights with us we also offer helicopter charter services that bring you exactly where you want to be. With their special way to take off and land, helicopters can access remote areas and get even closer to landmarks and objects than the smallest jets. To guarantee a reliable connection to your desired destination we partner with experienced helicopter charter companies around the globe. 

Land directly wherever you like

Book your helicopter transfer to any exclusive location that does not offer a runway for jets to land. Be it Cap Ferret, Calvi on Corse or your favourite winter resort hidden in the Alps. Want to land in a city center instead? No problem, we will take care of a smooth travel experience, door-to-door.

Panoramic Flight

A scenic helicopter flight is a truly delightful experience. Admire the breathtaking panorama from the sky, be it in the French Riviera, overflying a hidden island or taking a tour through the Alps. Here are some of the most famous locations in Europe:

  • French Riviera
  • Paris and Versailles 
  • Santorini 
  • Swiss Alps
  • Barcelona
  • Mont Blanc