Aviation consulting

The OysterJets family unites a unique combination of both commercial and private aviation knowledge under one roof. Because understanding and implementing the latest and best aviation practices is key, we leave nothing to chance. 

Knowledge is safety

It’s safe to say that the aviation industry is a world in itself and has its own fair share of challenges, often not apparent to customers. Innumerable issues have to be faced on a daily basis and oftentimes require certain skills. Our team of experienced, committed and innovative workforce holds the key to dealing with any issue – always focused on your smooth journey.  At OysterJets we are skilled to handle all the intricacies so you won’t even notice.


We plan and build your trip according to your schedule. Nevertheless, delays – especially due to the weather – can not always be avoided and may cause a chain reaction that lets budgets and schedules spin out of control. This is where our solution-oriented approach comes into play – always in search of the optimum solution for our clients.


Private aviation industry has to comply with a long list of requirements, including maintenance, pilot training and other safety regulations. Not only are these critical for operators but also passengers’ safety and hold the services of OysterJets to the highest standards.

Aircraft Management

Successful aircraft management is an area with many hurdles such as analyzing costs, optimizing quality of end services to customers, management of stakeholders like customers, the government, other authorities and staff. Besides aircraft management we also deal with pilot services, aviation consultancy services as well as with sales and acquisitions. This is where we can take advantage of our expertise, and so can the end customers.

Aviation Experts

OysterJets offers a unique combination of both commercial and private aviation knowledge under one roof. Our diverse team comprises innovative thinkers and dedicated professionals who combine passion with reliability. When a challenge arises, there is always a team member to trouble-shoot, be it on the aircraft or in the back office.
The OysterJets managing team consists of experienced leaders with numerous years of experience in different fields and merges into one concentrated center of knowledge.
Some of our pilots hold more than two decades of experience in the field of commercial and private aviation and therefore possess a hefty wealth of experience. They have successfully trained numerous international pilot students and continue to do so. We are proud of our versatile team of talented pilots with different backgrounds, personalities and language skills. In the background, our versatile back office team is able to respond with a wide range of complementary skills and does everything to ensure your best experience.

Pilot Education & Training

The right training is the key to safe flights. Calmness and composure are needed for all situations, from everyday happenings to unusual challenges. Expanding one’s skills and reaching new horizons. The ongoing pilot trainings are held by knowledgeable instructors and combine innovative methodologies with advanced simulation technology. For your ultimate flying experience.

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