5 sun-soaked summer destinations

European must-see places for summer 2022

Oh Europe – from the luxury beach to cities rich in history and mountain expeditions in the Alps, Europe’s attractions are countless. Without doubt, summer is still the most popular time for traveling this vast and miscellaneous continent. And for good reason, there will always be something appealing about traveling in the summer time. The reasons are manifold: memories from our childhood travels, light packing, fabulous weather and the ease of staying outside all day. Also, summer has the most opportunity for you in terms of vacation options. No matter if you prefer a relaxing beach holiday or a getaway filled with activities, we at OysterJets will find the best solutions for your specific requirements. Most destinations are only a short flight by private jet away. To give you some inspirations, read on for our Top 5 summer destinations:


The southernmost region of Spain offers stunning natural beauty surrounded by picturesque villages. You can visit the famous Costa del Sol located between Malaga and Gibraltar or explore the cities of Malaga (Picasso’s birthplace) or Seville and Granada, both located in the inland. Whatever you decide to do, this region never fails to enchant.


How does charming seaside AND dramatic mountaintops all in one tiny country sound? Due to its small coastline, Slovenia often gets overlooked but has so much to offer. Everyone looking for beautiful nature should visit this hidden gem in Europe. Make sure to check out the vibrant capital, Ljubljana. Bonus tip: From there it’s fairly easy to get to Venice so you could even plan a quick stop in Italy.


The province in southeastern France has been a classic summer travel destination for a couple of good reasons. Blooming lavender fields, charming small villages and superb farmer’s markets. Between mid-June and mid-July you get the best chance to admire the famous lavender fields.

Dalmatian Coast

One of the best places to visit in Europe in summer is Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast. Delve into Dubrovnik’s bustling city life, admire the palace in Split or enjoy the magnificent coast of Hvar. If you’re into sailing, Croatia’s 79 islands are best explored by boat. Get your crew ready and take off.

Amalfi Coast

Are you up for a splendid natural setting adorned with a breathtaking sea view and a series of tiny but charming villages? Italy’s Amalfi Coast is the perfect location for an unforgettable vacation.