To many years to come, Lucas

Lucas Garello celebrates one year at OysterJets

Time certainly flies. First officer Lucas Garello joined OysterJets exactly one year ago. Today we take time to celebrate his hard work and dedication. Lucas’ contributions to the company and to the people in the team are greatly appreciated. He is a loyal employee and the confidence he brings to the pilot job is admirable. We couldn’t imagine OysterJets without him and are looking forward to many years to come!

We asked Lucas what his first year with us has been like:

Lucas: “It has been a very rewarding year. I had my first experience as a pilot and I’ve learned so many thing. Special thanks to an incredible team. I love my ‘job’ a bit more every day, it’s incredible. Now, I’ll continue my learning as efficient as possible to swap to the left seat ASAP 😜 it will be my first milestone and after that I hope to fly bigger with OysterJets !”

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