3 key benefits of private jet flights

What our customers value most

Travelling by private jet comes with many benefits. However, there are a couple of advantages that seem to convince passengers the most. Here are the Top 3 of 2021:

Maximum privacy

Nowadays it is so easy to access information about each other. No wonder that privacy is becoming more and more valued. On a private jet charter it is completely up to you who you are travelling with, meaning there is no surprises on the occupancy of the aircraft. You exactly know what and who is coming and must not worry about others overhearing sensitive information or disturbing your sleep. Whether you are flying solo, travelling with business partners or have your whole family in tow – there is only those passengers on board you announced in advance.

Full flexibility

In terms of flexibility there are multiple aspects playing together. Firstly, you and you only decide on the departure and arrival airports. Keep in mind that smaller aircrafts can also land on shorter runways and therefore less well-known airports. Oftentimes there are multiple options just around the corner that you might not think of immediately which results in a wide choice of airports. After all, there are more than 3.000 private airports spread over Europe alone. Our experienced sales team is always determined to find the perfect airports for your trip. Secondly, private jet schedules allow you to depart any day of the year. Your overall time invested on your flight is drastically shortened. Since you are no longer restricted by airline flight schedules you can pick the time as you please. Your meeting starts early? The hotel room is only ready later? Private flying keeps your planning flexible.

Time Saving

Even if you book the most comfortable business class seat on a charter flight, the only way to get there is via chaos and long queues at the airport. Here comes the third benefit into play: You will depart via a terminal or building specific to private aviation. Instead of showing up at the airport hours before your flight your arrival at the private terminal only needs to be 15 – 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time. You will be greeted at the entrance, .After a quick security check and a private transport to your aircraft you are ready to go in a blink. If you wish, you can spend some time at a secluded area of the private terminal in advance.  Your luggage is taken care of and loaded onto the private jet. You can meet the pilot of your aircraft who will fill you in on all the flight details.