5 things you need to know about private flights

5 things you need to know about private flights

Departure time is completely up to you

One of the big advantages when booking a private jet is the flexible timing. Generally, a private jet can take off at any time requested. Tell us your preferred takeoff time, we take care of the rest, meaning airport operational hours, availability of slots, crew duty regulations and more.

Pick an airport you want to depart from and land at

Taking a private jet allows for you to get closer to your final destination. We will calculate your trip, considering all the parameters that could impact your flight and restrictions such as runway length and approach.

Private terminal

Another big plus: You do not need to show up at the airport hours before your flight. Most likely you will depart via a terminal or building specific to private aviation. This way, your arrival at the airport should only be 15 – 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time for a quick security check and transport to the aircraft.

Safety briefing

Even on the smallest of aircraft: safety matters. We keep it short and sweet. Expect the pilots to perform a pre-flight safety briefing. During flight, the crew will let you know when it is safe to move around the cabin.

Pilots & cockpit

Once the final altitude is reached, you might be invited to take a peek into the cockpit and chat with your pilots – don’t be shy to talk with our multilingual crew.